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Latest special offers !

Ease for payment !
You are certain to register for a summer course 2019 or to offer a summer camp to someone of your family. But you do not have immediately the necessary cash for paying the required guarantee deposit corresponding to 25% of the total amount.

  • We propose you to pay the total amount in 5 installments !

Divide the total amount of the chosen options by 5 and pay that amount each month.
First payment in March 2019, last payment 8 days before arrival at the CiC.
Please indicate in the registration form "Special Offer payment in 5 installments"
(In the field "Other" of the registration form - right below the "Insurance").

In case of cancellation, the Terms and conditions stipulated at our website will be applicable.


How to register :
Check the starting dates
Choose your course
Choose your accommodation
Check practical info
Check terms and conditions
Send the registration form
Once availability is confirmed by the CiC, pay the guarantee deposit


その他どんな些細なことでも気軽にご連絡ください。 :
電話 : (+33) 4-93-47-39-29
ファックス : (+33) 4-93-90-55-79

住所 :
Campus International de Cannes
1, Avenue du Docteur A. Pascal

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